Do your managers actually manage, or do you end up doing their jobs for them? Do your employees consistently meet or exceed your goals & expectations? Are you struggling to hold reasonable profit margins? If you are willing and capable of making the necessary changes, I can help you.

Your return on investment (ROI) for an on-site engagement can be huge. The determining factors will be the successful implementation and maintenance of the recommended processes and training provided. This will be up to you and your staff – their dedication, abilities and willingness to make the necessary changes.

Dealership Services Offerings:

Overall Dealership
• Establishing/defining a Profit Center Accounting System
• Needs Analysis & Action Plans for each department
• Improving internal dealership communications
• Policies & Procedure Guide development
• General Manager training
• Employee Job descriptions
• Advertising/marketing planning, forecasting and budgeting

• Sales Department structure & essential processes
• Sales Manager & staff training
• Growing the pre-owned business

Finance & Insurance
• Product offerings analysis
• Implementing a formalized F&I sales process

• Service Department structure & essential processes
• Service Manager & Service Writer training
• Maximizing technician efficiency
• Write-up & scheduling

Parts and Accessories
• PC&A Department structure & essential processes
• Parts Manager & staff training