RE: Manager Training

“I just wanted to post a recommendation for Steve. He was everything I hoped he would be. I have a hard-working Parts Manager, ex-military, who has been working for my dealership since before I took over and has always been challenged to get organized and be profitable. He had never had formal training for the position, he was thrown into it like many others in this business. After his training with Steve, I can see the sparkle in his eyes now as he works out his action plan and sees a light at the end of the tunnel. I truly expect great things out of his department now going forward. Steve was a great influence on him in just a couple of days. So great job Steve! Now do you have a Service Manager Training regime? :)”   <YES>

– Kevin R. Dunn – GM

Capital Powersports

  • “Steve.

I just wanted to reach out to you and send you a HUGE thanks for helping me get started back in the day.

I had worked for a large grocery company in the UK for my whole life and always rode motorcycles, so when I moved to the United States, I felt it would be a good idea to put my two backgrounds together and do something I really love.

I started working at a dealership as a parts person, quickly became the parts manager and then the parts and service manager. My parts and service departments were profitable, but the rest of the store was a shambles and I would frequently go home frustrated at the opportunities we were missing.

We joined a 20 Group and it was beneficial in so many ways. For one, I learned good clean benchmarks….These numbers answered so many questions that I had and I still have the reports and guidelines to this day, More importantly, it gave me access to people like you who have always stepped up and answered questions that I have been unable to answer.

Our owner subsequently promoted me to GM. I helped them grow from a single 2-line store to a second location with 3 lines. As we continued to grow, we added additional lines to both stores. 

I spent my birthday weekend looking back…..I pulled our original PL that revealed significant losses and compared this to last year where we netted 7 figures. The journey has been breathtaking, Wild, Crazy….Many things but it would not have been possible without the likes of you that have made it all possible, Again, I can never ever thank you enough!!”


•  Mark Bould

General Manager

Friendly Powersports

RE: GM versus Owner Roles presentation

“Steve, I cannot forget this session you did at AIME for Powersports Business a few years ago. It really sticks in my mind as a highlight over my years there. I remember the dealers were so engaged and asked a million questions, and it really turned into a fantastic discussion-based conversation, and you led that transition from your presentation to the Q&A so flawlessly.”

Liz Keener– Certification Manager 
Marine Retailers Association of the Americas

“Steve was great to work with during this pandemic. He structured his on-site course to work with our service department staff to fit our schedule. Do yourself a favor, call Steve and get a Service Department check-up for your staff online. We were able to turn some things around very quickly with his assistance. You won’t be disappointed!”

Raymond Walters
General Manager
Got gear Motorsports

“I absolutely love working with…and hiring Steve. He has been a guest speaker and trainer for us at MAG as well as being co-trainers for OEM sales meetings. He has always been willing to help show retailers in powersports how to do it more effectively and profitably without adding expense. His decades of seeing and working with myriad retail P&L statements gives him a unique perspective to teach go-to-market manufacturers how to synergize with their retail customers as well as showing retailers the “profit light.” If you ever get a chance to work with him on any level in powersports, treat yourself to the guaranteed enlightenment he will bring to your business.”

Eric Anderson
Powersports Executive, Marketing Consultant, Sales Trainer, Chairman MIC Helmet &
Apparel Committee, MIC Board member

“Steve is very wonderful to work with. He has exceptional expertise in dealership settings from service department operations to sales department and back office. His hands-on approach to coaching and motivating staff are some of his best attributes. I would definitely recommend Steve and his company.”

David Archibald
Dealer Principal – Harley-Davidson & Triumph Motorcycles, Vietnam
General Manager – Al Naboodah Group, Vietnam

“I listened to Steve’s webinar via phone this morning and as usual he was awesome. In over 30 years of going to seminars and having trainers, Steve is by far one of the BEST.”

Jenni Stanfield
Freedom Cycles Inc.

“Thank you for the time that you spent with us at our Honda – Yamaha dealership. All of the items that you addressed in our consultation are being implemented. It is amazing how common sense is not so common when you are entrenched in a business. Having you looking in from the outside and pointing out “Best Business Practices” and the methods to implement them is taking us from mediocre, at best, into a leader in our geographic area.

Your friendly manner and no nonsense approach were both tactful and truly enlightening. It is also nice that you continue to help even after your visit. Thank you for assisting in finding software and helping to analyze our numbers. Once the programs that you outlined for us are in place we will be able to focus on the underperforming areas and encourage the top producers.

We are already starting to see light at the end of the tunnel and it has only been a short while. I cannot wait for the future and our next visit once all of these processes are in place and functioning.

I just wish that we had taken this opportunity with you earlier!”

Greg Popovich
Dealer Principal

“Steve Jones did a powersports dealership analysis for our dealership. We were an existing dealership that was purchased by a new owner and were in dire need of a tune-up. The assessment was very thorough covering all the profit centers, management structure, and the facility. Steve’s recommendations and action plan were very detailed and he set realistic goals for the company to achieve. It outlines defined processes for each department to make operations run smoothly and increase profitability. His follow-up is impeccable and he stays in contact with us on a regular basis to check up and see if there’s anything we need. If you have an existing dealership or are new to the industry, this program is indispensable!”

Lesa Proto
General Manager
TV Motorsports

“I have always greatly enjoyed your articles and have used some of them in my classes.”

Tom Clement, PhD
Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship
University of North Dakota