Author: Steve Jones

The Can’t/Won’t Syndrome

In business, customer service is king. In sales, it’s customer satisfaction selling. Both of these relate directly to customer retention and repeat business. As a frequent traveler, one of my pet peeves at restaurants, hotels and other businesses has been what I call the “Can’t/Won’t Syndrome.” I’m sure you have experienced this scenario at one […]

Entry Level Positions?

…REALLY? There are two powersports dealership staff positions that we tend to mis-classify as “Entry-Level” jobs. In reality, these positions significantly affect the productivity and profitability of your dealership. These folks also have considerable influence on your level of customer satisfaction. Let’s look at the lowly shipping/receiving position. This person touches thousands of dollars of […]

Managers or Minos?

DO YOU HAVE MANAGERS OR MINOS IN YOUR DEALERSHIP? MANAGER – mánn-ij-er (noun): Someone responsible for directing and controlling the work and staff of a business, or of a department within it MINO – my-know (acronym): Manager-in-name-only. Someone with a manager title but without the empowerment, responsibility or accountability of a true manager One of […]

Don’t Fear the “B” Word

(Budgets are a good thing!) Establish departmental budgets and life gets better! Sadly, relatively few powersports dealerships provide department managers with a structured budget. This goes hand-in-hand with the general lack of enabling managers to control their departments. The purpose of empowerment is to allow effective managers the ability to improve productivity and profitability while […]